CE Extreme Duty Release Joint

The CE Extreme Duty Release Joint is designed for any CT operations where high shock loads, vibrations, tensile force and/or torque forces are expected. The tool features a very robust torque capability through a sealed joint that can be released by dropping a ball and applying pressure.

 In a normal operation, the latch mechanism is locked in place by a collar that is held in position by calibrated shock load-protected shear pins. To release the joint, the drop ball will seat on a piston that provides the force necessary to shear the pins at a predetermined pressure condition. The ball then returns with the upper part of the Release Joint. The lower part of the Release Joint has an internal fish neck which can be latched with a standard CE GS Pulling Tool if required.

 The CE Extreme Duty Release Joint is available in standard and H2S service versions and with alternate ID’s for when drop ball size is critical. Please contact your CE representative for more information.


– Will not accidentally release during Jarring 

– High torque and tensile ratings 

– No assembly tools are required 

– Alternate ID’s and Drop Ball sizes are available 

– Extreme Duty for use with Jars, Vibration Tools and High Torque Motors 

– No threaded shear screws which eliminate the chance of shear screws vibrating loose and so reducing the cost of redress

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