CE Extreme Duty Motorhead tool

The CE Extreme Duty Motorhead tool is very robust, reliable and easy to redress.

The CE Extreme Duty Motorhead Assembly (MHAX) is a compact BHA assembly that incorporates a Twin Flapper Check Valve, a release Joint and a circulation Sub. The CE MHAX is designed for operations where high shock loads, vibrations, tensile force and/or torque forces are expected.


– Compact length to reduce the lubricator lengths allowing easier wellsite handling

– Extreme Duty for use with Jars, Vibration Tools and High Torque Motors

– Single Piece Flapper Cartridge for easy redress and reliable pressure testing requirements

– Extreme Duty Release Joint mechanism will not accidentally release during Jarring operation or high vibration loads

– High torque and tensile ratings

– The no-threaded shear screws in Release Joint eliminate any chance of shear screws vibrating or being loose and reduces the cost of redress

– No assembly tools are required

– Optional Burst Disc port in the Circulation Sub

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