Completion Energy

Completion Energy mission is dedicated to the supply of drilling and completion products, equipment and services. Completion Energy is focused on supplying specialized downhole completion equipment to Oil and Gas upstream clients worldwide.

Completion energy uses third-party manufacturers, certified by the American petroleum institution (API) in the USA and Canada.

Our design process is founded on the collaboration between our customers, field operations, and our engineering staff. Based on this cooperation and knowing the requirements and parameters of a project, we recommend what is considered the optimum solution. The recommended design is then modelled in 3D and assessed using finite element analysis (FEA). The completion equipment designs are continuously being updated as new modifications arise under different applications, to properly face the challenging downhole requirements the tools will be working in.

Completion Energy is in the process of being certified to the ISO 9001:2008 standard, through which we will consistently provide the products that enhance our customer satisfaction based on a continual improvement and the assurance of application of statutory and regulatory requirements.

Completion Energy has dedicated areas to manufacture, assemble, test and repair the tools with the following machines and procedures available: E2 work order and material tracking system, Multiple machining centres, 6 CNC machines, 8 manual lathe machines Shot peen machine, 2 breakout machines, and 5 dynamometers Welding/fabrication

Completion Energy performs tests on all motors before and after every job. This is the way we assure our motors will operate within specification when they are ready to perform a job, so founding the trust from our clients. Our dynamometer has the following capabilities: Computer-generated reports, Motor sizes range from 1-11/16 in. (43 mm) to 6-1/2 in. (165 mm), outside diameter (OD) 6 x 8 ft (1.8 x 2.4 m), triplex pump ability to simulate downhole temperatures for accurate reservoir condition analysis.

We believe that management and workers are equally responsible for minimizing any potential accident in all areas we work at. Safe working practices and procedures are clearly defined in the Completion Energy Health, Safety & Environmental Management System Manual for all personnel to follow. We believe that any accidental loss can be reduced or eliminated through good a proactive management system in combination with active employee involvement. We believe that safety is the direct responsibility of all managers, supervisors, and workers. Completion Energy complies with all safety requirements as they relate to the planning, operation, and maintenance of facilities and equipment and so we expect all employees perform their jobs properly, in accordance with established procedures and safe work practices.

Our workforce garners a combined  years of industry experience ensuring a proficiency operational support and a highly skilled recommended procedures based on safety and efficiency. It is also focused on providing cutting edge technologies enabling operators to overcome the challenges faced during the implementation of the interventions and completion operations, at any stage of the life cycle of the well.
Today, Completion Energy has grown into a dynamic force with our international customers. Continued and consistent customer satisfaction has resulted in steady growth over the years. Our goal is to deliver the top quality service and trust that exceeds our customers’ expectations.
Adhering to our clients’ procedures and regulations around Protection of health, safety and the working environment is the primary foundation of Completion Energy. We regularly are tracking the effectiveness of all Health, safety and environment processes in order to ensure our high standards procedures are the supporting foundation in all of our operations.

High-Performance Cemented Sleeve Well Completions Systems

The Completion Energy systems prevent communication between producing zones, getting shorter fracking times and more efficient stimulations particularly at the toe and thus, improving the well productivity, with a certain fact that the sleeves would open properly and frac when required. 

Completions Systems

Our system offer reliability, flexibility and simplicity. Starting with a customized design to the meticulous installation, Completion Energy  continues to meet the high completion expectations of our clients reflected in more optimized production performance. 

Thru Tubing

Our market encompass thru tubing tools for completions, perforation and production services, aiming at increasing the net present value of complex oil and gas fields, by customized designs and installing following our customer’s requirements and so, optimizing the well productivity.

Completion Energy designs, efficiently engineers and manufactures our own small outside diameter (OD) mud motors and thru tubing tools, as well as safely and efficiently supervises the thru tubing operations.

Thru Tubing Tools and Service Improve Operations

Technological advancements help improving safety and performance of our developed tools

Completion Energy Is An Industry Leader With Thru Tubing Equipment And Engineers Any Thru Tubing Solutions To Suit the Wide Array Of Required Operations

 Completion Energy provides full-service tools and operations for thru tubing completion, work over, fishing, perforation, and production services. Completion Energy designs, engineers and manufactures its own small outside diameter (OD) mud motors and thru tubing tools, as well as safely and efficiently supervises the thru tubing operations.

Our experience and range of skills in the tools and operations ensure that we can react quickly to any client requirements and challenges. From standard mill-out of cement and equipment to extended reach mill-out of bridge plugs and fracturing systems, Completion Energy strives for the efficiency in service, value and performance.

Completions Systems Overview

Our portfolio of patented completion innovations respond to our customers’ particular field challenges but focusing in simple, consistent and adaptable solutions that improve intervention efficiencies leading to increasing the net present value of the projects we operate in. Having the well intervention goal’s from each of our customers, Completion Energy ensures the tools and procedures will lead to achieving the optimum well performance. 

We have a wide range of tool applications whether they are for conventional or unconventional reservoirs, where the thru tubing tools requirements  have increased the demand.

Completion Energy Multifrac™ Limited-Entry And Enerfrac™ Single-Entry System Can Also Be Run As Open Hole Completions

The same sleeve designs are utilized and run between Completion Energy’s Packers to provide the required isolation capability and achieve the desired stage number and density. Pumping a ball to the Toe Circulation Sub enables pressure activation of the Isolation Packers and subsequent initiation of communication with the annulus via the Hydraulic Initiation Port.

Completion Energy Case Studies

Completion Energy designs the tools responding to the particular needs of our customers focusing in simple, consistent and adaptable solutions. To learn details of our successful field application stories, please review our case studies section.

What Our Customers are Saying

The product performed well, above expectation and the crew on location had exceptional knowledge on the product. – Saudi Aramco.
May 04, 2021
The product performed well, above expectation and the crew on location had exceptional knowledge on the product. – Saudi Aramco.
May 04, 2021