Toe circulation sub

  • The Completion Energy’s Circulation Sub (CS) is used to control the flow between the completion string and the annulus in all open hole applications requiring a multistage stimulation completion. By closing off the flow with the annulus, the Toe Circulation Sub enables the activation of the tools in the completion string via hydraulic pressure mode.
  • The tool is activated by pumping an appropriate activation ball. The Toe Circulation Sub is designed in such a way that once it is activated, the ball is no longer needed to provide the seal. The completion string bottom hole assembly includes a bullet guide at the bottom, followed by a float collar and then the Toe Circulation Sub.


The Toe Circulation Sub is positioned at the end of all open-hole stimulation system installations. A ball is pumped from the surface to activate and close the tool, which prevents any fluid flow to the annulus. The hydraulic pressure can now be increased to activate the tools along the completion string.