CE Coiled Tubing Deployed Tubing Cutter

The CE Coiled Tubing Deployed Tubing Cutter is a hydraulically actuated tool used to cut through the production tubing. The tool is run with a tubing anchor to provide a fixed and stable cutting point and a Positive Displacement Motor to provide rotation and torque options. The tubing anchor is matched to the tubing cutter so that the anchor engages before the cutting tips start to take a bite. By increasing the flow/pressure to the tool, a piston will move the normally retracted arms from the cutting position into the expanded position. Maintaining the flow/pressure will bring the cutting tool arms gently into contact with the tubing and the tool tip will start to cut through the tubing.


– Arms are flush with, or below, the body diameter until activated by pressure

– Fast and safe makeup capability

– The link arm mechanism gives increased cutting tip support and smoother cutting

– The tool is flow activated with different choke sizes available

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