CE CT Spirojet Wash Tool

Maximise pumped fluid contact with the tubing using the CE Spirojet Wash Tool.

 The CE Spirojet Wash Tool emits a burst of high-pressure rotating fluid which stays longer in contact with the tubing due to a centrifugal force. In addition, the 360° exit nozzle ensures complete coverage of the tubing inside the diameter surface. This is especially useful for any chemical treatments and removal of wax and paraffin compounds.

 The rotation of the fan Jetting Head Adjustment Nut enables the pressure drop at the tool exit to be remarkably tuned for the flow rate and application. The CE Spirojet Wash Tool does not contain any moving parts making it extremely reliable.

 The CE Spirojet Wash Tool is available in a range of material specifications to suit the well conditions and fluids that are being pumped into it.


 – Increase pumped fluid contact with the tubing internal area

– 360° coverage of the tubing ID

– Considerably adjustable pressure drop

– No moving parts

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