Casing Centralizer

Ultra low friction engineered plymer centralizer


Our Completion Energy, ultra-low-friction engineered polymer centralizer (Slip ‘N Slide) is used during the casing running and cementing operations. The Slip ‘N Slide system ensures that the casing strings efficiently can reach to total depth, providing an optimal standoff for mud the displacement, and thus enhancing the  cementing operations. This tool is made with advanced engineered polymers. This one-piece centralizer has an extremely low coefficient of friction, it is highly durable and highly resistant to wear and heat. The polymer material efficiently performs even in the most extreme wellbore conditions and is designed to easily pass the challenging obstructions making it optimal for both cased hole and open hole extended horizontal applications. Unlike many plastics and bow spring centralizers, this centralizer withstands high-impact loading and is highly wear resistant.


  • Unmatched low-friction coefficient, allowing rotational torque and drag reduction
  • Helps extending the current well construction boundaries on extended reach drilling and highly deviated wells cases
  • The spiralled line-of-sight blade design has proven effective for better cementing jobs without any of the typical debris removal risks in regular operations.
  • Proven standoff all the way to TD
  • Improved fluid dynamics
  • Provides a bearing to ensure casing and liners reaching the target depth
  • Able to reduce the required amount of lubricants
  • Increases the probability for the casing reaching the bottom without rotating
  • The patent-pending, hybrid blade design offers the optimal mix of cementing under turbulent flow and anti-bulldozing of cuttings
  • Can eliminate the need for other friction reduction tools
  • Increases the chance of getting a successful cementing job and reaching TD
  • Light weight allows a safe handling
  • Easily millable.