CT CRX is a hydraulically activated tool

The CT CERX is a hydraulically activated tool used to run and set CEX & CER locking mandrels into their matching landing nipples. 

The CT CERX Running Tool uses the field-proven dog latch system which is easily released from the internal fishing neck of the Locking Mandrel, when set. 

Increasing the CT flow/pressure to the tool will hydraulically move the Locking Mandrel keys into the locating position. The flow rate is then reduced to a circulating condition. 

Once the Locking Mandrel is located, increasing the CT flow/pressure will shear out a shear ring, while simultaneously setting the Locking Mandrel into the nipple profile, and releasing the dogs of the running tool. 

Any upward jarring action will then shear a pin holding the Locking Mandrel to the core, thus releasing the CT CERX tool and confirming the Lock-set position.

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