Ultra-Duty Cartridge Type Twin Flapper Check Valve

The Ultra-Duty Cartridge Type Twin Flapper Check Valve act as a dual barrier tool within the tool-string against well fluid backflow through the coiled tubing. The flapper cartridges that fit into the housing feature combined elastomeric, and metal sealing which provides efficient low and high-pressure sealing and simpler redress.

CE TFCV Cartridges are a single-piece body design to reduce the number of potential leak paths and provide reliable pressure testing options. The elastomeric seal is far removed from the flow path to maximise the seal life.

CE Ultra Duty Twin Flapper Check Valves are rated to 15,000 PSI and feature backup rings on internal O-ring seals to increase high-pressure protection requirements.


 – 15,000 PSI rated

– Backup rings on O-ring seals

– Single piece cartridge body to reduce any leak paths and increase the pressure testing reliability

– Dual elastomer and metal-to-metal seals­

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