CE Coiled Tubing Jar Test beam

The CE Test beam is designed to enable the Coiled Tubing Jars to be function tested. It can also be used to assist with the function of testing Bi-Directional Impact Hammers and other push/pull testing capabilities.

The CE Test Beam consists of a steel framework on which sits a positionally adjustable Fixed Saddle. At the other end of the beam, there is a Moving Saddle which is operated by a hydraulic ram and is powered by an electric pump.

 The Coiled Tubing Jar or Impact hammer is positioned between the Fixed and Moving Saddles using the Test Nubbins


 – Can be operated by one person.
– The maximum tool length can be adjusted to suit any customer requirements.
– Option of client manufacturing their own test beam framework using CE drawings.
– Optional for the Tool Clamp to lock in the Nubbins.
– Optional pressure transducer with Windows compatible software to enable a record of all push/pull data to be stored digitally. (Computer option not available)
– The test nubbins for all standard coiled tubing threads can be supplied

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