CE 3-Way Circulation Valve

The CE 3-Way Circulation Valve is specifically designed for bypassing any CT Manipulation Tools during a high-rate circulation situation. The CE 3-Way Circulation The valve works following this circulation sequence:

  • Initially all flow is passed through the Valve to the tool string below only
  • The circulating pressure is then increased to be able to rupture up to 4 burst discs, allowing a high rate of circulation to the annulus. At this point, the first ball can be dropped to isolate the tool string below the valve so that now all the flow is directed to the annulus only
  • The second ball is then dropped to return all the flow through the valve to the tool string below only
The CE 3-Way Circulation Valve is commonly used for SSD shifting and circulating operations. A tool string including the CE 3-Way Circulation Valve and the CE Hydraulic Selective Shifting Tool can be used to open the SSD, allowing to pumping acid at a high rate without any circulating through the Shifting Tool, then the SSD is closed.


 – It allows alternate circulation to a manipulation tool, to the well, and then back to the manipulation tool

– Allows the reduction of the number of CT trips to complete manipulation and circulation operations

– The activation pressure modes are fully adjustable – Generates a large flow area during circulation to the annulus

– Available in multiple sizes and material specifications

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