The CE Milling Circulation Valve provides a constant fluid flow path to the motor or any BHA during milling operations, whilst also providing a means of high volume circulation capability to the annulus whenever required.

It is designed to be run above a motor. The CE Milling Circulation Valve enables unlimited switching between milling operations and high flow rate clean-out operations. This option increases the flow rate availability to effectively remove debris from the well and prevents any motor damage during the hole cleanout.

The CE Milling Circulation Valve is activated by picking up on the bottom and briefly over- pressuring the tool-string to release a hydraulic lock. Closing the Milling Circulation Valve is achieved simply by reducing the flow rate to normal milling rates and sitting back down.

– Mechanism is locked during milling to ensure constant fluid flow to the motor
– Adjustable hydraulic lock opens the valve at desired overpressure condition
– The large flow area allows very high circulation rates for effective hole cleanout operations
– The valve closes easily by setting down weight
– Robust dynamic seals and high performance treatments prolong the life of the valve

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