Motor Head Assembly

Completion Energy is a pioneer in the development of small diameter mud motor technology, having designed, manufactured and service this type of technology.


Completion Energy’s patented Motor Head Assembly (MHA) is designed and constructed to provide the convenience of a single motor head tool for connecting to coiled tubing or jointed pipe. The MHA comes complete with a dual float sub, hydraulic disconnect and circulation sub.

The Completion Energy hydraulic disconnect is designed to release tubing from the tools below it via a steel ball, which is pumped or dropped to the internal seat. Hydraulic pressure is then applied to shear the shear pins and push a piston down to release the lock.


  • Operates as a hydraulic disconnect
  • Cleans the wellbore after drilling operations are completed


  • One run accomplishes casing cleaning and drilling out obstructions
  • Thoroughly cleans casing wall due to rotation
  • Reduces rig time by eliminating a separate cleaning run
  • Decreases operational costs
  • Nine adjustable floating blades for multiple casing weights/IDs
  • Improves completions drilling efficiency